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TIPS#2 Now you see me, now you don’t

Jonas Walker (Fortinet)
Threat actors spend many hours inside corporate networks before going for the kill. Often, they collaborate behind the scenes, figure out what everyone's role is in their upcoming attack, share expertise and negotiate with each other about the future revenue. Many attacks go undetected until ransomware encrypts their systems or the threat actors sell the data on underground markets. Despite recent takedowns of various marketplaces by law enforcement, Jonas will demonstrate how hackers find vulnerable applications, services, and other vulnerable initial access vectors and exploit them for their purposes. The session will showcase how hackers enumerate environments and launch attacks against their targets to infiltrate organizations, steal intellectual property and carry out additional attacks.
Jonas Walker

Jonas is a passionate cybersecurity professional with more than eight years of expertise in networking and security. Jonas loves technology and lives in Asia's technology capital Singapore. He is a digital native who is interested in offensive security and cyber. In his role at Fortinet he works in a strategic engagement team. They combine data science with security strategy and facilitate tactics to support security portfolio planning. Jonas specializes in industry threat expertise with in-depth knowledge in threat intelligence, exploits, penetration testing, artificial intelligence, and advanced malware concepts. He understands the other side of the Internet, the dark side that most people don't talk about. As a cybersecurity expert, Jonas advises and engages clients and executive leaders on solution strategies in several industry segments. He works closely with FortiGuard Labs and Fortinet System Engineering to respond to advanced threats as they break – and proactively plans to stay ahead of the curve. He dedicates his free time to hacking, fitness, poker, and exploring Asia.