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NFT artists – a new prime target for cryptocurrency cybercrime?

19:00 - 19:30 UTC Fri 8 Oct 2021
Abril Rozwadowsky (Deloitte)
Did you know that in 2021 alone, the NFT art market grew more than 800% – from US$ 52 million at the beginning of the year to US$ 490 million by the end of the April? NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are something of a newcomer to the blockchain scene, still they’ve been eagerly adopted across many online communities. Freelance digital artists from all around the world have adjusted their work to cater specifically to NFT art collectors – but could this marketplace become a new venue for cryptocurrency attacks? The uptick in self-reported compromises by members of this community seems to hint at this possibility. After all, the landscape is certainly far from bleak, with established threat actors such as Lazarus Group also recently recording multi-million-dollar cryptocurrency wallet compromises as part of the large-scale ‘Cryptocore’ campaign. Is there something that makes NFT artists a particularly attractive target to financially motivated attackers in 2021? How are the compromises carried out, exactly? In this talk we’ll be exploring these questions, and the creative social engineering schemes at play.
Abril Rozwadowsky

Abril Rozwadowsky is a cybersecurity professional from Argentina. She has an information technologies management degree from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (2020). Currently, she works as an intelligence analyst at Deloitte. Her responsibilities include the study and tracking of malicious campaigns and counter-operations, across public and private sources, to report on them. She also works to profile threat actors, especially those that are state sponsored.