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Your five most critical M365 vulnerabilities revealed and how to fix them (Partner Content)

Andy Syrewicze (Hornetsecurity)
Email is the main communication channel for companies and organizations – personal data, corporate files, accounting information and other sensitive data are shared via email. This makes email communication one of the most popular targets for cybercriminals.

As Microsoft 365 is the most used office solution, it’s also the one that’s most attacked. For example, in recent years, phishing attacks have increased by 250%.

In its latest Microsoft Digital Defense Report, Microsoft itself stated that threat actors have rapidly increased in sophistication over the past year, using techniques that make them harder to spot and that threaten even the savviest targets. Microsoft underlines that ransomware is the most common reason for incident response engagements between October 2019 and July 2020. Microsoft 365 allows ransomware, phishing and spam to enter your users’ mailboxes.

In this talk, Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist for Hornetsecurity, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert, will take us through some common M365 attacks, showing how they work, and how to mitigate them using either in-box M365 tools or a third party solution like 365Threat Monitor or 365 Total protection.

365Threat Monitor is a forever-free mobile app that detects any threats that breach your Microsoft 365 security. Once it identifies a malicious email, it sends a phone alert so you can instantly delete it with just one click and prevent any damage! Set up takes only 30 seconds and one can benefit from its powerful forensic filtering and analysis mechanisms. View real-time threat information wherever you are via its dashboard. The app is developed by Hornetsecurity, which provides premium email security services to 40,000+ customers worldwide.
Andy Syrewicze

Andy is a 20-year IT pro specializing in infrastructure, cloud, and the Microsoft 365 Suite. By day he works as a technical evangelist for Hornetsecurity, and by night he shares his IT knowledge online or over a cold beer. He holds the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and Andy is one of few who is also a VMware vExpert.